My yoga journey began over 10 years ago. I found the practice of Yoga brought me a sense of peace and helped me grow stronger in my mind and body. The pratice on and off the mat gave me a deeper understanding of myself, and has shaped the person I am today. Yoga isn’t something that we do, it is who we are. 

I have been teaching for the past 6 years. Completing teacher trainings in India, South America and the UK. And return to India yearly to deepen my studies and practice.

My main aim as a teacher is to create a supportive, environment where you feel at ease and comfortable. I am here to support and guide you through your practice.

My flow classes are based around flowing breath-directed movements I aim to find the balance between strength, and softness. Helping you not only improve your strength, flexibility, and balance but to come away feeling at peace and connected. 

I encourage intuitive movement, guiding you to move in harmony with your own body and your own needs in that moment. All my classes have a strong emphasis on the breath, we do not need force or push our body into postures, we can allow the breath to carry us there.

I also guide Yin and restorative classes where we will sink deep into rest and stillness, letting go in the body and mind.

I have a keen interest in holistic therapies and hold an MSc Post-Graduate in Public health,  Nutrition and Physical Activity which helps complement my knowledge and understanding of the benefits of living a yogic lifestyle.